'Stakeholder Communication, Accountability & Ownership' workshops on 9 Feb 2019 in Pune

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Fands Infonet is offering you an opportunity to take your Career at new heights by attending our Soft Skills, Behavioral & Motivational Trainings.

Soft skills refer to the cluster of personality traits, social graces, facility with language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that mark people to varying degrees

In today’s world of globalization, a software developer is not a scientist working in isolation. It has become common that the developer needs to work on site or have to interact with the partners in countries like US, UK, Australia or New Zealand. Doing business with clients from across the world demands not just a high degree of technical skills but also awareness of culture specific behaviors. And that makes it necessary to develop employee’s interpersonal and behavioral skills. Therefore soft skilled employees are high in demand for Indian IT companies who are now involved in bigger projects.

Program Highlights

  • Participation Certificate
  • Course Material
  • Lunch & Tea

We also conduct workshops on the following topics

Personal Effectiveness

  • Maximizing your Potential
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress Management
  • Accountability & Ownership
  • Interpersonal Skills

Management Development Program

  • First Time Manager’s program
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Cross Culture Sensitization
  • Who moved My Cheese
  • Effective Meetings
Faculty - Sankalpa Banerjee

An Engineering Graduate by Qualification & also a ‘Developmental Psychologist’, Sankalpa is a ‘Life-Skills & Behavioural Facilitator’ involved in developing & delivering training programs and also in designing methods for various ‘Skills based & Behavioural Training Programs’. He has over ‘16+ years’ of wide-ranging experience in the field of training & development. He has conducted many versatile training programs for a variety of audience from ground level till senior level management

Objective of the program

Ideally anyone can use the learning from this program to win support from others. Managing stakeholders help them to ensure that their projects succeed where others might fail.

Also building up accountability & ownership in our system ensures that people become more dependable & trust-worthy. It's about creating the fundamental of integrity with self. Any professional can attend this program, as it has learnings for anyone who is working alone or with in a team, whether anyone serving in the capability of 'individual contributor, leader or leaders of leader'. Everyone can benefit from this program.

Workshop Contents

What Is Stakeholder Communication?

  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • It's real essence & importance

What Are the Benefits of Stakeholder Communication?

  • Better understanding & analysis
  • Creating influence
  • Building a dialogue
  • Influencing sources of power
  • Stronger relationships

The 3 Types Of Stakeholder Communication

  • Reporting
  • PR & marketing
  • Purposeful communication

What Are The Ways Of Good Stakeholder Communication?

  • Focusing on fundamentals
  • Always keep room further insights

What does accountability mean?

  • What is the definition?
  • How it's different from ownership?

Five levels of accountability

  • Personal accountability
  • Individual accountability
  • Team accountability
  • Organizational accountability
  • Stake holder accountability

Steps to move from accountability to ownership

  • Emotional commitment
  • Stating intentions
  • Preparedness
  • Set perspective
  • Necessity of ideas
  • Establish faith
  • Work-life-balance

De-railers of ownership

  • Why people avoid taking ownership?
  • Consequences of not fulfilling your responsibilities
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Date : Saturday, 9th February 2019

Time : 10:00 AM To 06:00 PM (Registration at 09:30 AM)

Last date for Registration : 6th February 2019

Venue : Deccan Rendezvous

Fees & Registration : Rs. 4,750/- plus Tax per participant inclusive of course material payable by cheque in favor of ‘Fands Infonet Pvt. Ltd.'

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Mail : natasha@fandsindia.com

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