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DevOps -DevOps with different tools like Docker, Jenkins, Golang, Kubernetes, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, GITHub, GitLab, Kotlin

Micro Services -Developing micro services using Spring Boot and Spring cloud Netflix Eureka, Zuul and Ribbon etc

Different JavaScript, Libraries & Frameworks -AngularJS/Angular, Mean, ExtJS, Durandal , Knockout, ReactJS, BackboneJS

Cloud -Cloud Primer / Essentials and advance administration and deployment on major cloud platforms namely AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, Oracle etc.

Big Data and Analytics -Big data & Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Splunk, MongoDB, R Programming SAS

IOT, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence -Raspberry PI, Arduino, different protocol implementations for CoAP, MQTT, AMQP, Deep Learning, Business Analysis

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Faculty – Vaishali Tapaswi

    Vaishali has 25+ years of rich and extensive experience in the IT services industry. Having imparted numerous training programs in Java and Java EE with Spring, Hibernate, JavaScript Frameworks (Angular, MEAN, MongoDB, Typescript, RXJS, Redux), DevOps (Docker, Jenkins, Golang, Kotlin), RabbitMQ, Kafka, Cloud Platforms (Amazon, Google), Weblogic, WebServices, she has been a name much sought after in IT training.


This workshop is intended for developers who need to start working with MongoDB, a open-source NoSQL document database.

Workshop Objective

At the end of the course, participants will have knowledge of

  • Understand Mongo as a data store
  • Be comfortable with Mongo's query and update languages
  • Use Mongo's built-in JavaScript interpreter
  • Query Mongo using Mongo's JSON-based query language
  • Index Mongo collections
  • Understanding of JavaScript Basics
  • Working knowledge of JSON
Workshop Contents
What is MongoDB?
  • The current SQL/NoSQL landscape
  • Document-oriented vs. other types of storage
  • Mongo's featureset
  • Common use-cases
  • Introduction to JSON
Documents and Collections
  • Creating documents
  • Managing documents in collections
  • Iterating over documents
Simple Queries
  • Field equality tests
  • Operators available
  • Projections
  • Limiting results and paging
Simple Updates and Deletes
  • Field updates
  • Field insertions and removal
  • Document deletion
More Complex Types of Queries
  • Existential field values
  • Aggregations and groups
  • Aggregations and groups in hierarchical data
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