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    This workshop is intended for developers who need to start developing applications using TDD or BDD approach with Kotlin.

Workshop Objective

At the end of the course, participants will have knowledge of

  • Kotlin Coding
  • Functional Programming
  • TDD / BDD

    Java (Any other Object-Oriented Language)

Workshop Contents


Introduction and Basics
  • Why Kotlin
  • The Structure of a Kotlin Application
  • Conventions Used with Kotlin
What is Functional Programming
  • Arity
  • Higher-Order Functions (HOF)
  • Currying
  • Auto Currying
The Basics of Kotlin
  • Declaring Variables in Kotlin
  • Working with Basic Types in Kotlin
  • Loops and Ranges in Kotlin
  • Conditional execution with if and when in Kotlin
  • Packages and Imports in Kotlin & Summary of Kotlin Basics
Classes in Kotlin
  • Member Functions in Kotlin
  • Visibility Modifiers in Kotlin
  • Kotlin Data Classes
  • Enum Classes in Kotlin
  • Objects in Kotlin & Summary
  • Inheritance in Kotlin
  • Working with Abstract Classes in Kotlin
  • Interfaces in Kotlin
  • A Brief Look at Generics in Kotlin
Working with Nulls
  • Null Safety
A handful of tidbits
  • Type Casting in Kotlin
  • Tuples
  • Deconstructing values
  • Working with Exceptions
  • Declaring Constants
  • Annotations in Kotlin


  • Delegation pattern Vs inheritance
  • Property Delegation
  • Overriding a member of an interface implemented by delegation
Classes and Objects
  • Extension Functions
  • Generics
  • Extensions are resolved statically
  • Nullable Receiver
  • Extension Properties
  • Scope of Extensions
Database Communication
  • CRUD Operations for Postgres -> code
Web Application
  • Developing web applications using HTTP Servlet
  • Server as a Function

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