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    This workshop is intended for developers who need to start developing applications using GoLang.

Workshop Objective
  • GoLang Basics
  • GoLang Concurrency
  • Basics of any programming language
  • Understanding of Web applications
Workshop Contents
GoLang Basics
Why GoLang?
  • Simple Hello World
  • Go Packages
  • Import Statements
  • File Organization
Deeper into Go
Variable Declarations
Functions and Return Types
  • Single Return
  • Multiple Returns
  • Named Returns
  • Closures
Slices and For Loops
OO Approach vs Go Approach
Custom Type Declarations
Receiver Functions
Multiple Return Values
Saving Data
Reading Data
Error Handling
Testing with Go
Organizing Data with Structs
  • Structs in Go
  • Defining Structs
  • Declaring Structs
  • Updating Struct Values
  • Embedding Structs
  • Structs with Receiver Functions
  • Pass by Value
  • Structs with Pointers
  • Pointer Operations
Working With
  • Maps
  • Interfaces
  • The HTTP Package
Channels and Go Routines
  • Website Status Checker
  • Printing Site Status
  • Serial Link Checking
  • Go Routines
  • Theory of Go Routines
  • Channel Implementation
  • Blocking Channels
  • Receiving Messages

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