Emotional Resilience for Peak Performance on
4th August 2018 - HYD

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Fands Infonet is offering you an opportunity to take your Career at new heights by attending our Soft Skills, Behavioral & Motivational Trainings.

Soft skills refer to the cluster of personality traits, social graces, facility with language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that mark people to varying degrees

In today’s world of globalization, a software developer is not a scientist working in isolation. It has become common that the developer needs to work on site or have to interact with the partners in countries like US, UK, Australia or New Zealand. Doing business with clients from across the world demands not just a high degree of technical skills but also awareness of culture specific behaviors. And that makes it necessary to develop employee’s interpersonal and behavioral skills. Therefore soft skilled employees are high in demand for Indian IT companies who are now involved in bigger projects.

Program Highlights

  • Course Material
  • Lunch & Tea

We also conduct workshops on the following topics

Personal Effectiveness

  • Maximizing your Potential
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress Management
  • Accountability & Ownership
  • Interpersonal Skills

Management Development Program

  • First Time Manager’s program
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Cross Culture Sensitization
  • Who moved My Cheese
  • Effective Meetings
About the Program

Competitive and future driven organizations need leaders who are driven towards peak performance and yet are empathic and compassionate. The key to success is to channelize emotions towards collaborative efforts so that the final outcome is a win-win situation for the organization.

Resilience is the power to bounce back and to re-energize your vision. Through the power of Emotional Resilience, leaders and managers can inculcate positive emotions, create flow and engagement and practice mindful leadership. All these traits facilitate a culture of peak performance with a body-mind-soul construct.

Course Objectives
  • Understand your core leadership style and values
  • Understand how practicing concepts like Visualization, Mindfulness and Flow will make you a better leader
  • Communicate with empathy and compassion and leverage on you and your team’s strengths
  • Work with other participants in understanding how one can use the power of genuine emotions in bouncing back and being excellence-driven
  • Understand how in facilitating change within organizations the leaders can showcase emotional resilience
  • Work with tools that bring the best in you in your day to day as well as strategic work
Course Designed for

Leaders and Managers who lead teams and are interested to be peak performers, while being empathetic and driven by compassionate leadership. The participants will also learn to be emotionally intelligent, with in-built mechanisms of resilience.

Workshop Contents

The Science of Emotional Resilience

  • What is emotional resilience?
  • The seven common traits of emotional resilience
  • 'Good' stress vs 'Bad' stress
  • The four types of stress
  • Emotional Intelligence Vs Emotional Resilience
  • Identifying your emotions

The power of Emotional Resilience

  • The Three Brains
  • Conscious vs Subconscious Minds
  • The 7 Laws of the Emotionally Resilience Leaders
  • Tools and Strategies to Build Emotional Resilience
  • Preparing the Mind for Excellence
  • Building engaged teams with Emotional Resilience

Compassionate Leadership

  • Thinking through the soul
  • Power of Gratitude in Peak Performance
  • Leading Positive and Compassionate Change
  • Mindfulness as a practice for peak excellence
  • Renergizing every moment for excellence

Workplace Strategies for Peak Performance

  • Explore solutions for specific workplace challenges
  • The barriers in peak performance
  • Why emotionally resilient leaders are strong
  • Building a futuristic leadership through resilience
  • Creating and sustaining emotionally resilient teams
  • Mindful Coaching and Mentoring

Date : 4th August 2018

Time : 10:00 AM To 06:00 PM (Registration at 09:30 AM)

Fees & Registration : Rs. 5,500/- plus GST & Levies as applicable per participant inclusive of course material payable by cheque in favor of ‘Fands Infonet Pvt. Ltd.'

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