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'Business Communication'
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Fands Infonet Private Limited (Fands) commenced its operations in 1994 in Pune, India, in computer related training activities. Fands continues to benefit from the leaps taken by the Indian Information Technology (IT) and IT Enabled Services industry. It is a solid and structured service provider and plays a major role in the present days of outsourcing.

Fands is an acronym of fast and steady. As the name suggests the organization is steady in its quest for learning new technologies and thrives on fast response. The clients have no hesitation in engaging the services of Fands, simply because it works as an extended training department. Fands provides a one stop solution and considers itself totally accountable to the client while providing its scope of professional services.




Workshops pan India
1)  Pune
2)  Mumbai
3)  Hyderabad
4)  Bengaluru

We also conduct workshops on
Technical Trainings
1) Oracle ADF
2) Spring & Hibernate
3) ISTQB Foundation
4) ITILv3 2011 Foundation
5) Software Estimation using FPA
6) SharePoint 2013
7) Agile & Scrum
8) BizTalk Server 2010

Soft Skills Trainings
1) Accountability & Ownership
2) Presentation Skills
3) Communication Skills
4) Conflict Management
5) Leading and Managing IT Projects
6) Emotional Intelligence
7) Cross Culture Sensitization
8) Supervisory skills for Budding      Managers

All the above programs will be conducted on trial software available as freeware on internet.

 Program Overview 



Some People seem to be able to say the right thing no matter what the situation. Their ability to navigate through tense discussions opens the door in business world that may have otherwise closed.


During this training Program the participants will learn the secrets of Communication pros, including building personal credibility, improving listening skills, rephrasing for better working relationships.


  Program Objectives 



By the end of this course, Participants should be able to:

-  Understand and demonstrate the use effective writing techniques that today's technology demands, including anticipating audience reaction

-  Write effective and concise E-mails

-  Proofread and edit copies of business correspondence.

-  Plan successfully for and participate in meetings and conduct proper techniques in telephone usage

-  Use e-mail effectively and efficiently,

-  Develop interpersonal skills that contribute to effective and satisfying personal, social and professional relationships






1.      Overview of Communication

-          What is Communication?

-          Communication Process

-          The truth of Communication

-          Examples of upward, Downward, Lateral and Horizontal Communication

-          Barriers to Communication


2.     Spoken  & Unspoken Communication

-          Giving and following Instructions

-          Formal and Informal Language

-          Poise and Posture

-          Eye Contact and body Language

-          Projecting a Professional Image

-          Social Graces and Table Manners

-          Manners in Conversations

-          Getting Acquainted – Behaviour in Introductions


3.     Listening & Questioning Skills

-          Identifying the difference between listening & Hearing

-          What is Selective Listening

-          Tips to facilitate good listening skills

-          Questioning Techniques : Open ended questions & Close ended questions

-          Understanding path finding questions


4.     Telephone Etiquette

-          Voice Modulation

-          Telephone Behaviors and Manners

-          Asking questions on the phone and probing situations

-          Taking Notes


5.     Workplace Communication

-          Dealing with Seniors, Colleagues & Juniors

-          Dealing with Internal & External Customers

-          Assertive Communication

-          Communication within Teams


6.        Effective Meetings

­            Meeting Etiquette

­            Getting your message across

­            How to define the Agenda during the meeting

­            Taking notes and writing action Items

­            Process of noting the minutes of the meeting


7.       Handling Conference calls

­            Points to be considered before the beginning of a conference call

­            Understanding the call flow

­            Showing Empathy

­            Dealing with stakeholders across locations

­            How to note down the actionable Items from the Stakeholders


8.        Email Etiquette

­              Before you start typing: What to send by email

­              What I am trying to say: Creating an Accurate Subject Line

­              Understanding the tone while communicating via email

­              It’s still business writing: 12 common errors to Avoid

­              Reading Between the Lines: Visual Consideration to help the reader

­              Before Clicking “Send”: Checking, Proofing and Copying

­              Damage Control: Tips for bad email moments


9.    Tying it all Together

­              Discussions to take learning to the workplace

­              Action-plan and Close



Time : 10:00 AM To 06:00 PM (Registration at 09:30 AM)

Fees & Registration:
Rs.  4500/-  plus Service Tax  per participant inclusive of course material payable by cheque in favor of ‘Fands Infonet Pvt. Ltd.'

Group discount of 5% will be applicable to group of 3 and 7.5% for group of 5 or more participants.


Early Bird Discount – Please contact us for more details.


The Programme is non-residential, change in venue or dates shall be intimated at the earliest should there be a change.


For any more information, please feel free to contact : 

Ms. Natasha Deokule on

+91 20 2546 3981 / 2546 8882
Mail: natasha



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